Shiva has a one of a kind installation of a Gravure roll based moisture cured poly Urethane lamination system. This unit can bond different types of fabrics together for advanced applications. Some examples include bonding polar fleece to polar fleece, fabric with a breathable water proof membrane for military and outdoor applications, creating water proof/incontinence bed products as well as lingerie applications.

PUR technology is the most advanced lamination technology in the world. The unit has a capacity to laminate more than 300000 meters of fabric per month upto a width of 1.9 meters. Using this technology we have created a unique product called “Quick Dry”™ that is retailed same font across India.

Quick Dry is a Breathable, reusable and washable sheet ideal for babies and also for adults/bed ridden patients who have Urinary incontinence. No parent likes the endless cycle of changing diapers. QUICK DRY with an “OEKO Tex Standard Certification” protects your baby and the bed from getting wet. No more crinkly felling and stress using rubber sheet which causes heat, rashes and bed sores. “Quick Dry” is a water proof, breathable membrane bonded to a very cozy to fabric.


Quick dry features

  • Cool to skin
  • Surface Dry feature
  • Comfortingly soft
  • Anti allergic
  • Highly absorbent
  • Soft and anti slip
  • Light weight


  • Bacteria and dust mite resistant
  • Sterlizable and autoclavable
  • Heat and sweat breathable
  • Machine washable upto 95 C
  • No crinkly feel
  • Does not fade
  • Durable

Strategic Products

The Lamination Division also makes fabrics of strategic importance like.

  • Aero Stat Fabrics
  • CBRN Garments
  • CBRN Tents & Decontamination Systems
  • Low Temp, High Altitude Fabrics

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